Repair Mix for Tap Hole

                    Repair Mix for Tap Hole

                    This plastic is featured with high strength and good volume stability after firing. It is easy for installment; no firing is needed and it can be used directly.

                    Physical and Chemical Index

                    Type ST-NT-1
                    Chemical Component      ≥ (%) AL2O3 90
                    Bulk Density  ≥ (g/cm3) 300℃×24h 3.1
                    1450℃×3h 3.1
                    Cold Modulus of Rupture ≥ (Mpa) 300℃×24h 12
                    1450℃×3h 15
                    Cold Crushing Strength   ≥ (Mpa) 300℃×24h 60
                    1450℃×3h 90
                    Permanent Liner Change (%) 1450℃×3h -0.5~0.5

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